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The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); members apply and integrate these concepts through co-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

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Boone Local TSA Contest

2018 Contest Details - Click to Download PDF

Results of Local Contest:

MS Tech Bowl-1st CD   2nd-Panorama  3rd- Boone

HS Tech Bowl—1st- Boone 1, 2nd- Adel 1, 3rd- Panorama 2

MS Flight- 1st – PMS-Tanner B, 2nd- CD  Caleb Coon, 3rd- CD Mya Byrd

HS Flight  1st – Waukee-Ben F, 2nd- CD-Brody

MS Structure   1st -Boone-Caleb Webster  Jason Prazak,

HS Structure 1st ??

MS Problem Solving 1st – PMS- Cayden Widen Alex Fick 2nd- Boone-Caleb Webster  Jason Prazak, 3rd-Boone- Ian Runstad  Russell Reinhart

HS Problem Solving Tie 1st Boone-Connor and Ely, Waukee-Danny Drake and Zach Biklen,

3rd- Dhruv Patel and Leah Ray

MS Promotional Graphics 1st –Panorama  Taylor Kunze, 2nd- Keira Simmons, 3rd- Natalie Donovon

HS Promotional Graphics  1st -CD Lauren Saxton, 2nd-ADM David Ocasro, 3rd-CD Avery Martin

MS RC Car  1st-

HS RC Car  1st – 3               

MS Co2 Dragsters 1st-   CD  Logan Coon, 2nd- CD Courtney Olson 3rd- CD Hailey Peterson

HS Co2 Dragster 1st – CD Avery Marvin, 2nd- Panorama Blayze Schroeder, 3rd Panorama Molly Simmmons

MS Coding 1st- Boone  Russell Reinhart  Caleb Webster, 2nd- Seth Coleman  Ian Runstad,

3rd-Marlee Hall  Maddie Hall, 3rd-Jason Prazak

H S Photography 1st- Waukee Delaney Deering, 2nd- Kabrina Brady