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The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); members apply and integrate these concepts through co-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

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State Officer Candidate Application Deadlines to Keep in Mind!

  • The candidates will submit application forms to the State Officer Team Advisor (SOTA), Gene Olson by Friday, March 29th, at 3:00 pm 2019.  Gene Olsen's email address is

  • The TSA state office will notify the candidates seeking State Officer positions and their advisor of the results of the credentials committee by Tuesday, April 4th.


Previous State Officer Teams


  • President: Ellie Smith - Waukee HS

  • Vice-President: Lauren Saxton - Central Decatur HS

  • Treasurer: Lauren Soll - Panorama HS

  • Secretary: Maddy Leahy - Central Decatur HS

  • Reporter: Luke South - Panorama HS

  • Sergeant-at-Arms:  Regan Peter - Boone High School


  • President: Tess Kern, Johnston HS 

  • Vice-President: Paige Berry, Johnston HS

  • Treasurer: Julia Lundstrum, Waukee Timberline

  • Secretary: Regan Peter, Boone HS

  • Reporter: Lauren Saxton, Central Decatur HS

  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Ellie Smith, Waukee Timberline


  • President: Taylor Shaw_Waukee HS

  • Vice-President: Vidya Mullangi- Burlington HS

  • Treasurer: Tess Kern-Johnston HS

  • Secretary: Brian Bingaman- Boone HS

  • Reporter: Paige Berry- Johnston HS

  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Haleigh Lettington- Waukee


  • President: Jake Larson, Waukee HS

  • Vice-President: Caitlin Remakel, Johnston HS

  • Treasurer: Paige Berry, Johnston MS

  • Secretary: Vidya Mullangi, Burlington HS

  • Reporter: Tess Kern, Johnston MS

  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Kylie South, Panorama HS


  • President: Michaela Lendt, Boone HS

  • Vice-President: Payten Bailey, Boone HS

  • Treasurer: Jake Larson, Waukee HS

  • Secretary: Elliot Suiter, Johnston HS

  • Reporter: Kylie South, Panorama HS

  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Caitlin Remakel, Johnston HS


  • President: Chase Thomas

  • Vice-President: Michaela Lendt, Boone HS

  • Treasurer: Kylie South, Panorama HS

  • Secretary: Payton Bailey, Boone HS

  • Reporter: Caitlyn Remakel, Johnston HS

  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Jacob Larson,