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655 S.E. University Ave.
Waukee, IA 50325
United States of America

The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); members apply and integrate these concepts through co-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

Important Dates

to Jul 30

2018 Advisors Retreat


  • 3 PM Check In
  • 3:30-5:30 Meeting
  • Dinner out
  • 7:00-8:00 Meet as needed
  • Networking on the dock on West Okoboji Lake, campfire at cabin afterward


  • 9:00 Meet as needed
  • 11:00 Golf outing

Iowa TSA has a block of 6 rooms reserved. Call 712-338-4701 to reserve.

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10:30 AM10:30

Panorama Local TSA Contest

Panorama Local TSA Contest

Contest Information: Click to Download

Schedule Details: Click to Download

starts at 10:30am

Competitions start at 11:00am


MS Vex:

JMS 1st, Panorama MS 2nd


JMS: Angali Kumar- 1st;JMS: Margi Slainner:-2nd; JMS: Margi Slainner-3rd

MS Promotional Design:

Panorama: Keira Simmons-1st; Panorama: Mackenna Wehmeyer; Panorama-2nd: Julianna Rizutti 3rd

High School Promotional Graphics:

CD:Lauren Saxton-1st; Panorama:Lauren Soll - 2nd; Panorama:Lauren Soll-3rd

Middle School Photography:

Panorama: Taylor Kunze Panorama-1st; Summit:Caroline Throener 2nd; Panorama-Kaitlin Kent 3rd

High School Photography:

ADM: Joshua Norris -1st: ADM: Abby Wedemeyer-2nd

High School Flight:

ADM: Phillip Annear 8.66 (1st)  ADM: Lucas Heitz 6.65 (2nd)

MS Flight:

CD: Courtney Olsen 6.45 (1st); JMS: Will Stokes 5.20 (2nd); Perry: Orlando Gonzalez 3.55 (3rd) 

MS Tech Bowl:

1st: SMS 2 (Caroline Throener, Snith' Vallabhajasyula, Alex Nguyen) 2nd: SMS 1 (Esha Bolar, Anita Dinakar, Anjali Kumar) 3rd: Perry 1(Orlando G, Taylor K, Sharitzy R) 

HS Tech Bowl: 

1st: Panorama HS (Luke South, Kyle Cogil, Tate Kunze) 2nd: Winterset (Izaak Wadle, Peyton Dick, Tyler Daris) 3rd: ADM 1 (Johnny, Josh, Lucas) and CD1 (Lauren, Dakota, and Zane)(I do not believe they did a consolation?) 

HS Dragster: 

1st: Perry(Michelle Tobar); 2nd: Winterset (Nate Bartz); 3rd: Panorama (Kyle Cogil)  

MS Dragster:

1st: CD (Mya Byrd); 2nd; CD (Adrianna Benda); 3rd: CD (Autumn Burdess) 

HS Problem Solving: 

1st-Perry 1 (12'3); 2nd-ADM 1 (8'8.5); 3rd-ADM 2(6'11.5)

MS Problem Solving: 

1st-Perry 2 (21'7); Panorama (Keira Simmons, Kaidyn D) 20'; 3rd Tie: Perry 1 and Winterset 1 (11')

High School RC:

Middle School RC: 

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5:00 PM17:00

Perry Local TSA Contest

Competition Sign-Up begins at 5:00pm

Competitions begin at 6:00pm

RC Results

HS 1 Boone 4

       2 Boone 1

        3 perry 2


MS 1 Perry1

        2 Boone 1

        3 Boone


High School

Problem Solving

1st Waukee 1    Parker & Julia

2nd Winterset 1   Izaak & David

3rd Boone 1    


Digital Photography

1st Abby Wedemeyer  ADM

2nd Kabrina   ADM

3rd Cash Riker   ADM



1st Ben Fahrenkrug  Waukee

2nd Michelle Tobar   Perry

3rd Nate Bartz


Tech Bowl

1st Winterset 1

2nd Panorama 1

3rd Boone 1


Middle School

Problem Solving

1st JMS 2  Iresh & Andy

2nd Perry  Caden & Tanner

3rd Boone  Iant & Haylie


Digital Photography

1st Taylor Kunze

2nd Sophie Hillabolt

3rd Carolina Throener & Kaitlin Kent


Graphic Design

1st Logan Coon

2nd Logan Coon - underweight

3rd Sean Simons

4th Adam Wise


Tech Bowl

1st Summit

2nd JMS 1

3rd Boone 2



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6:00 PM18:00

Boone Local TSA Contest

2018 Contest Details - Click to Download PDF

Results of Local Contest:

MS Tech Bowl-1st CD   2nd-Panorama  3rd- Boone

HS Tech Bowl—1st- Boone 1, 2nd- Adel 1, 3rd- Panorama 2

MS Flight- 1st – PMS-Tanner B, 2nd- CD  Caleb Coon, 3rd- CD Mya Byrd

HS Flight  1st – Waukee-Ben F, 2nd- CD-Brody

MS Structure   1st -Boone-Caleb Webster  Jason Prazak,

HS Structure 1st ??

MS Problem Solving 1st – PMS- Cayden Widen Alex Fick 2nd- Boone-Caleb Webster  Jason Prazak, 3rd-Boone- Ian Runstad  Russell Reinhart

HS Problem Solving Tie 1st Boone-Connor and Ely, Waukee-Danny Drake and Zach Biklen,

3rd- Dhruv Patel and Leah Ray

MS Promotional Graphics 1st –Panorama  Taylor Kunze, 2nd- Keira Simmons, 3rd- Natalie Donovon

HS Promotional Graphics  1st -CD Lauren Saxton, 2nd-ADM David Ocasro, 3rd-CD Avery Martin

MS RC Car  1st-

HS RC Car  1st – 3               

MS Co2 Dragsters 1st-   CD  Logan Coon, 2nd- CD Courtney Olson 3rd- CD Hailey Peterson

HS Co2 Dragster 1st – CD Avery Marvin, 2nd- Panorama Blayze Schroeder, 3rd Panorama Molly Simmmons

MS Coding 1st- Boone  Russell Reinhart  Caleb Webster, 2nd- Seth Coleman  Ian Runstad,

3rd-Marlee Hall  Maddie Hall, 3rd-Jason Prazak

H S Photography 1st- Waukee Delaney Deering, 2nd- Kabrina Brady

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to Apr 12

Iowa TSA Spring State Conference

2016 Iowa TSA Spring Conference Information

Conference Registration Link:

Conference Brochure:  Click Here to Download Brochure

Event Date:  Monday, April 11th - Tuesday, April 12th

Location:  Adventureland Resort in Altoona, IA.

Address:  3200 Adventureland Dr, Altoona, IA 50009

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