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The Technology Student Association fosters personal growth, leadership, and opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); members apply and integrate these concepts through co-curricular activities, competitions, and related programs.

Middle School Events

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Middle School Events

2018 State Conference Registration Link:

Career Prep

Event Description:  Participants (3 individuals per chapter) conduct research on a selected technology-related career and use the knowledge gained to prepare a resume and cover letter, and participate in a mock interview.

Iowa Specific Rules:  The number of entries will determine if there will be a semifinalist list for the interviews.  If there are 10 or fewer entries, all will be interviewed.  If there are more than 10, a semifinalist list for interviews will be posted.

Career Prep possibilities for 2018 are: 

  • State Event Coordinator:  Barb South
  • Coordinator Contact:  

Challenging Technology Issues

Event Description:  Participants (2 teams of two members per chapter) prepare and deliver an extemporaneous debate style presentation with team members explaining opposing views of a current technology issue that has been selected on site from the four possible issues on the National Total TSA Middle School document.

Technology Issues:

  • Government Leaders and Social Media
  • 1-to-1 Technology in School
  • FAA Interference with Drones
  • Impact of "self-driven" vehicles on society
  • State Event Coordinator:  Dennis Erb, Boone MS
  • Coordinator Contact:


Updated 4/1/2016 (New Forms and Email Contact)

Chapter of Excellence Document:  Please fill out this document completely and email to Rhys South, contact information below.  The Due Date is March 31st by 3pm.

Word Version of Chapter of Excellence Document:  (Click here to download)

Printable PDF Version of Chapter of Excellence Document:  (Click here to download)

Chapter Team

Event Description:  Participants (2 teams of six members per chapter) demonstrate their understanding of parliamentary procedure relative to business meetings. Participants will perform an opening ceremony, dispose of three items of business, and perform a closing ceremony within a specified time period.

Children’s Stories

Event Description:  Participants (3 teams per chapter; a team of 1-3 individuals is permitted) create an illustrated children’s story that will incorporate educational and social values. The story must revolve around the theme for a given year that is posted on the TSA website.


Event Description:  Participants (two [2] team of two [2] members per chapter) will demonstrate their knowledge of computer science and coding by taking a written test. Semifinalists will further demonstrate their programming knowledge by participating in an on-site programming challenge. Details about the on-site challenge (e.g., programming language to be used and practice problems) can be found on the TSA website under Themes and Problems.

Required Software for Iowa TSA Coding Event:  Scratch

Local Competitions Rubric for Coding: Click to Download

Download Scratch Software -

Download Scratch 2.0 Offline Editor:

Scratch Lesson Plans:

State Event Coordinator:  Robin West

Community Service Video

Event Description:  Participants (3 teams per chapter, up to five students per team [entries may be submitted by an individual or group]) create and submit a finished video that highlights their chapter’s involvement with the American Cancer Society, national TSA’s service partner.

Iowa Specific Rule:  Each team must upload their video to Youtube as an "Unlisted" video, and share the link with the State Coordinator.

Digital Photography

Event Description:  Participants (4 individuals per chapter) design and place the album on a storage device for submission. 

2018 Theme: Heroes

Iowa Specific Rules:  We would still like to have the entry in an actual binder with pages printed out.  No storage device or CD will be required or judged.  There will be no semifinalist activity for this event.  The theme is: Standing Out from the Crowd.

Special Note: Nothing will be judged on a USB flash drive. They only need to submit the files in a printed form in a binder or TSA portfolio. Also, the 20"x28" poster can be printed proportionally on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper for Promotional Marketing.


Event Description:  Participants (5 individuals per chapter, one entry per individual) design, produce working drawings for, and build a CO2-powered dragster according to stated specifications and using only certain specified materials.

A dimension working drawing is required (Hand and CAD Drawings allowed).

All cars will run one qualifying time trial.  The top ten legal cars based on time will advance to a 2nd time trial.  The 2nd time trial will determine the final time used for placing.  All cars will run one at a time using the same lane.  We will do a third run to break ties if needed.


Event Description:  Participants (4 individuals per chapter, one entry each) study the principles of flight and design in order to fabricate and test-fly gliders. Gliders must be designed to be launched from a catapult that is provided on site. Flight duration of the gliders and documentation of the design process are the primary elements of the evaluation.

Reminder that a portfolio of work leading up to the State Conference, a Toolbox, and Materials are required of each participating group.  These items are detailed in the MS Events Guide. (Updated 3/22/16)

Additional Flight Endurance Information Link:

Junior Solar Sprint

Event Description:  Participants (3 teams per chapter, up to 3 students per team) explore an alternative energy source and experience the automotive design process when they research and conceptualize a design, make drawings, build a model from the design, and race a solar-powered car model.

Iowa TSA Junior Solar Sprint Rubric (Click Here to Download)

(Only Required for Nationals) All students, parents, volunteers and chapter advisors should complete the required online JSS cvent registration using this link:

Mass Production

Event Description:  Participants (two teams of 2-4 individuals per team) manufacture a marketable product related to the current year’s theme. The team submits a documentation portfolio of the activities involved and three identical products made during the manufacturing process.

2018 Theme: Geometric Puzzles


Event Description:  Throughout the world, people are working to become more self-sustaining when it comes to landscaping and architectural design. Sometimes the purpose is to live off the grid, and other times it is to create a smaller carbon footprint. There are many options throughout the world, but sometimes a location limits or enables those options. In this event, participants conduct research on a sustainable architectural design for a home in a country of the team's choosing (other than their home country). 
Participants (3 teams of 1-5 participants per state) will create a display and a model. The model can be of the home the team designed or of a specific aspect of their design. 

Theme: Design a home for a family of four (4) and one (1) pet specific to the country that you choose.

Prepared Speech

Event Description:  Participants (3 individuals per chapter) develop and deliver an oral presentation that reflects the theme of the current year’s national conference.

2017 Theme: A Celebration of Success

Problem Solving

Event Description:  Participants (3 teams of two individuals per chapter) use problem solving skills to develop a finite solution to a stated problem given on site. Participants work as a team to provide the best solution, which is measured objectively.

*TOOLBOX REMINDER* All problem solving teams need to bring a toolbox that contains the items listed on the National TSA event description.  Please make sure prior to the event that your toolbox contains only the allowed items to participate in the challenge.  Teams who use outside materials not listed by the National TSA Event Description will be subject to point deductions/disqualification. (Updated on 3/22/16)

Promotional Marketing

Event Description:  Participants (three individuals per chapter) design a three-part TSA Marketing Toolkit that must include a national conference promotional poster, a state delegation fact sheet, and a chapter t-shirt design.

Special Note: Nothing will be judged on a USB flash drive. They only need to submit the files in a printed form in a binder or TSA portfolio. Also, the 20"x28" poster can be printed proportionally on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper for Promotional Marketing.

RC Transportation

Event Description:  Participants (three individuals per team, 5 teams per chapter) will compete in a Radio Controlled Car racing event.  The RC Cars will be provided either by the students or participating school chapter.  A set of guidelines, motor requirements, and frequencies will be posted in this area prior to the Local and State Conferences.


2017-2018 RC Car Rules: Click to Download Rules Sheet

Spring Conference 2018 RC Registration: Team Registration Link

Example of Team Registration Link: Click to Open Example

Structural Engineering

Event Description:  Participants (3 teams of two members per chapter) research, design, and build a model-through bridge for destructive testing.

Iowa Specific Rule:  Structures will be built at the State Conference this year (2018).  All participants need to bring their own building tools and glue.  The building materials (except glue) will be provided by Iowa TSA at the event.

Announcement:  The structure design drawing will be done in advance of the contest.  Bring the completed design drawing to check in with you.

Groups will be limited to 12 linear feet of 1/8 x 1/8 balsa and 8 linear feet of 1/8 x ¼ balsa plus the 1/32 x 2-1/2 x 12 road bed piece.

Middle School Structural Design Description (Click Here for Link)

Middle School Team Verification Document (Click Here for Link)

Technology Bowl

Event Description:  Participants (2 teams of three individuals per chapter) are required to complete a written objective examination to qualify for the oral question/response, head-to-head team competition phase of the event.

Technical Design

Event Description:  Participants (3 teams of two individuals per chapter) demonstrate the ability to use the technical design process to solve an engineering design problem.

2018 Design Statement:  Problem Statement will be released the week before Spring Conference

VEX Robotics

Event Description:  (Unlimited Entries per chapter)  The TSA VEX Robotics Competition engages middle and high school students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education through an exciting, head-to-head robotics contest that captures student attention and both enhances—and allows them to use—their skills in STEM areas. In addition, the competition complements the existing technology-related competitive events offered by TSA at both levels of instruction.


Link to Description of Competition: